7 Reasons To Use Searchlights To Promote A Nighttime Event

Searchlights are the only promotional tactic that are proven to increase awareness about and attract a crowd to a nighttime event. Event promoters, leading up to an event, employ a broad array of promotional tactics to make the general public aware of the event. The day of the event, on site advertising is often used to further raise awareness of the event, as well as attract people that are close to the event to the event.

For instance, a car dealership that is having a big sale will run newspaper ads, radio spots and sometimes even television ads. They will then use on-site advertisement like advertising inflatables, giant advertising balloons and cloud busters as on-site marketing tactics to further let people know that the event is happening that day and pinpoint the location of the sale.

These on-site tactics will successfully increase awareness for a daytime event. But, what about night time events? Cloud busters, balloons, and other inflatable advertising are not very effective at night, since people cannot see them. Any tactic that is used to promote a nighttime event must use light.

Obviously, a person’s line of sight is severely restricted at night. So, any successful nighttime event promotion tactic must have a light component that increases a person’s potential line of sight. Searchlights used to promote nighttime events produce long beams of light that can be seen for miles. Good promotional searchlights are capable of moving these beams of light across the night sky in eye catching patterns.

Searchlights Viewed From Pool Deck

Because good searchlights, aka sky spotlights, sky beams, skytrackers, promotional searchlights, 6 mile long beams of light they can easily be seen for miles around. They are the perfect onsite nighttime event promotion tactic. Here are seven reasons why searchlights work so well:

  • The searchlight light beams produced grab the attention of curiosity seekers.
  • They grab the attention of people who may have missed your more traditional marketing efforts.
  • They strongly compliment more traditional offsite event promotion by punctuating the location of the event, making people aware of the event .
  • The light beams produced by searchlights are attention grabbers, especially, in the all important 3 mile radius around the event.
  • Searchlights cast a attractive energetic glow in the surrounding area, which creates an atmosphere of energy and excitement.
  • Searchlights are the most affordable form of night time event promotion. There is no other form of night time event promotion that has been proven to work that is as cheap.

The next time you are planning a night time event, think about how you are going to attract people to your event the day of the event. How will you raise the awareness of your event around your event? Promotional searchlights, sky spotlights, sky beams are the perfect nighttime event marketing tool.