The Dominator Promotional Searchlight

Need To Stand Out From The Crowd? Then You Need The Dominator Searchlight!

If you are going to rent a searchlight the rent the biggest baddest searchlight on the block The Dominator. If you need to stand out from the crowd then you need the Dominator. The awesome power of the Dominator is based on 1940′s technology that has been modernized. In fact the chassis for this giant searchlight is often recycled from actual WWII as aircraft artillery searchlights. It utilizes a 60″ diameter reflector. Basically, these bad boys will dominate the sky. It has both 12,000 watt and 18,000 watt variations. It is the most powerful advertising search light in the world. This giant searchlight is fully transportable and ready to go.

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So, no matter the job, big or small, whether you want a giant searchlight like the Dominator, or need 1, 2, 5, 10, or more smaller searchlights like the AD-Light Star Cannon USA has you covered. Whatever you need, if we don’t have it we can get it.

We specialize in night time event promotions. We have the most technologically advanced searchlights. We can accommodate just about any special request; whether you need a large number of searchlights, or different beam colors, or just want to draw huge attention with a searchlight like the Dominator, we ar the searchlight rental company that can handle the job.. We are searchlight specialists with over ten years experience. You can be confident that we can get the job done right.