AD-Light Promotional Searchlights

Ad-Lights in front of Jacksonville Stadium

The Ad-Light is a lightweight portable promotional searchlight and spotlight combination. It provides a powerful dense beam of light that can be seen, on average 3 to 5 miles away. Under the right conditions, the light beam produced by the Ad-Light can be seen from as far away as 10 miles away.

It is capable of full 360 degree rotation, both clockwise and counter clockwise. It is capable of a variable speed rotation of between 1 rotation per minute to 8 rotations per minute.

The angle of the beam can be adjusted from straight out, like the light beam of a lighthouse, to fully horizontal and all angles in-between.

Unlike Skytrackers it does not require a generator or specially configured power source to run. The Ad-Light is fully capable of running from a simple standard 110 volt, 9 Amp electrical outlet.

Unlike most advertising lights, the Ad-light is really good looking. Its stainless steel casing makes it a great addition to any event no matter the theme.

The Power Of The Ad-Light

Weighing only 99 pounds it produces a light beam as powerful as other single beam and multiple beam promotional searchlights. Leveraging cutting edge lighting and reflector technology it produces a beam of light that has a correlated color temperature rated at 6000 degrees Kelvin.

Most promotional searchlights produce light beams between 5600 K to 5700 K color temperature. The higher the correlated color temperature is the brighter the beam of light is perceived to be. OK, that was probably a bit technical. Simply, it produces a brighter beam of light than most promotional searchlights.

Check out the video above. It is a really great overview of the Ad-Light. It was featured on the Season Two premiere of the Scy Fy channel’s TV show “Fact of Faked.” They were doing a reenactment of an incident that occurred during WWII, in Los Angelas. The Ad-light was chosen due its powerful beam of light, its portability and its flexibility.

There are two things to take note of. First, they misstate the Ad-Light’s weight; they included the weight of the generator that had to be used because of the location of the shoot. Second, they only use the Ad-Light in static mode. In static mode the Ad-light will not rotate. It is fully capable of rotating 360 degrees; in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions.

Ad-Light v Skytracker SearchlightThe picture to the left perfectly illustrates the power of the Ad-light as compared to a sky tracker. You would think that the trailer mounted light, due to the sheer power requirement used to run it, would have a more powerful beam than the Ad-Light. But, it doesn’t. The Ad-Light is the most technologically advanced searchlight on the market today.

This picture is also a great illustration of the size difference between the Ad-light and SkyTrackers. Ad-Lights are compact and portable. Its small compact form factor, yet powerful light beam, means that it can be used at just about any event, any place; from the top of a lighthouse to a quaint courtyard of a high end restaurant. They can be placed right where they will have the most promotional impact.

It Is The Most Flexible Promotional Searchlight On The Market

Ad-Lights On Scaffolding

Unlike other  searchlights, on the market today, the AdLight is very flexible in how it can be used. It is more flexible than multi-beam advertising lights, like SkyTrackers, because it does not require a generator to operate, it does not require a trailer to move, and most of all it is not confined to a small box. This means that the individual Ad-Lights can be strategically placed throughout your event venue to create dynamic light beam patterns.

Due to its compact, lightweight and portable design it can be placed just about anywhere. This means it can be placed right where it will have the greatest promotional impact; at the front entrance to your event or business, on the roof of the venue, on scaffolding, scissor lifts, or just about anywhere to get the desired effect.

The Ad-Light Produces Dynamic Light Beam Affects

Ad-Light At 2011 Deland Jam

The Ad-Light is the most technologically advanced promotional searchlight on the market. It is capable of variable beam angles, rotation speeds and direction that can be combined to provide dynamic eye catching beam patterns.

Multi-beam  searchlights have several drawbacks. One of their biggest drawbacks is that all the light units are mounted into a small box. Having all the light units in one confined area limits the rotation of the light unit, and the angle of the beam. Because the angle of the beam and the rotation of the light unit are “fixed” in one position most multi-beam promotional lights produce the same beam pattern. Not only are they confined to one beam pattern, the pattern itself is limited to one location at the event. With a powerful single beam promotional searchlight like the Ad-Light, much more dynamic eye catching light beam affects can be produced.

For instance, you could place Ad-lights throughout your event venue at different heights, with the beams tilted at different angles, and rotating in different directions, with all the beams intersecting over the middle of the event venue. This would produce dynamic eye catching beam affects across your entire venue. This type of configuration is simply not possible with multi-beam promotional searchlights.

Nighttime Event Promotion At Its Finest

The Ad-Light is the best looking, most flexible, most dynamic, powerful promotional searchlight on the market today. Its small compact form factor, yet powerful light beam, means that it can be used at just about any event any place. The number one reason to rent the Ad-light is that a promotional searchlights should promote the business of the person that rented it. If you have ever rented a trailer bound searchlight you know that their generators are loud and generate exhaust. Neither of which are very good for your event. So, these trailer bound searchlights are usually assigned to the parking lot a good bit away from the business being promoted.

Ever notice that most videos you see of multi-beam searchlights never show the business they are promoting. That’s because you would notice they are a good bit away from the business they are promoting. Instead of promotional searchlights rented for your event, you end up promoting every business near you. How, do people know that they are supposed to come to you if the light is way out in the parking lot.

The ad-light on the other hand can be either plugged into a 110 volt outlet or use a generator. What this means to you as a business owner. You can place the advertising light exactly where you want to for maximum impact. From on top of your business’s roof, on scaffolding, in a small courtyard, or simply directly in fornt of your business. At least then your promotional dollars go to promoting your business and not the business up the road.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Ad-Light’s Size – It Produces A Phenomenal Beam Of Light
We were hired for an event on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We were requested to mount one of our Ad-Lights at the top of the Harbor Town Lighthouse. In the above picture, you can see phenomenal results. Not bad for a compact searchlight weighing less than 100 pounds.