Star Cannon Main Event Gallery

One of the main goals for our website is to showcase our promotional searchlights and the events we have been involved in. Besides video, there is no better way to do this than pictures. Taking pictures of searchlights, more specifically searchlight light beams, is a pretty time consuming process. And, frankly, we sometimes just don’t have the time to get the best possible pictures. Moreover, although we really love getting pictures of the searchlights, it sometimes, for some events, simply is not appropriate to run around snapping pictures and taking video.

The first picture gallery has the pictures that we like and we think are simply really cool. They are tough to get. And, opportunities to get them do not come along very often. They are high quality pictures that are meant to showcase the power of the Ad-Light. As we get more we will add them to this gallery.

The second gallery showcases how flexible Ad-light searchlights are.. We almost exclusively use the Ad-Light for all our events. We believe it is the most powerful, and flexible promotional searchlight on the market today.

The pictures in this gallery are meant to showcase the flexibility of the Ad-Light. They are not necessarily high quality; some of them, may in fact be downright ugly. But, they are not meant to be beautiful. They are meant to be functional. Their purpose is to showcase one of the greatest strengths that the Ad-Light has over any other promotional light on the market, its ability to be placed just about anywhere and still produce powerful light beams.