Promotional Searchlights Draw Attention To Event At Martini’s Chophouse

Promotional Searchlights At Martinis Chophouse RestaurantDaytona Searchlight Rental – Models & Bottles was the second nighttime event venue that we provided searchlight rental services for, during the Daytona Winter Jam festival. The event was held at Martini’s Chophouse Restaurant. This is a really nice restaurant located in Daytona Beach Florida. This was one of the last official event / parties held during the Daytona Winter Jam festival. Even though it was held near the end, there were a good number of people that showed up for the event.

Martini’s Chophouse Restaurant is a really neat place. It offers several interesting setting to enjoy a great meal, drinks or both. I really like restaurant that have outside court yards and Martini’s as one of the best in the Daytona area.

There can be a lot of challenges to promoting a nighttime event. Traditional outdoor advertising simply does not work. Promotional searchlights are a perfect compliment to traditional marketing that may have been done leading up to an event. Good searchlights produce strong, powerful, dense light beams that can be seen for miles around. They provide location marketing, distance marketing, and attraction marketing. Promotional searchlights also create an atmosphere of excitement, that no other type of marketing can provide.

Searchlight Light Beams Viewed From Courtyard At Martini'sPromotional searchlights (aka skytrackers, Hollywood lights, batman lights, sky spot lights, and sky beams) are the perfect tool to punctuate your marketing efforts. They are proven to work for all types of venues. This is especially true for restaurants, like Martini’s Chophouse, and nightclubs. They are simply one of the best ways to say, “We are here, there is something special going on and you should check it out.”

What you should take note of is that since our promotional searchlights do not require a generator to operate, we were able to put them right in front of the restaurant, without disturbing the event or event goers. The Ad-light searchlight light beam that is as powerful or more powerful than trailer mounted searchlights, without the noisy, smelly, side effects.

Your event does not have to be big to benefit from using promotional searchlights. Searchlight rentals are really one of the most affordable ways to promote a nighttime event. You simply cannot get the same on-site benefits they provide from any other type of event promotion.

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