Deland Searchlight Rentals Spot Light Deland Jam Street Party 2011

Searchlight Rental 2011 Deland Jam, Deland FloridaDeland Searchlight Rental – In a previous article we talked about how we were going to be providing promotional searchlight rental services for two off site venues of the Daytona Winter Jam Festival. The Deland Jam street party was one of those venues. It took place right in downtown Deland Florida, on Woodland Blvd.

This was a really cool event. It seemed like every business in the downtown area was open for the event. A lot of people came out for the street party and to see the VWs. Just about every type of Volkswagen you could imagine was there. There were some really great examples of classic VWs on display. Deland’s downtown area is well developed with great interesting bars and restaurants. But, it still retains that charming downtown atmosphere that you can only find in a small town. It really was the perfect venue for this event.

We provided two Ad-Light promotional searchlights for this event. Since the Ad-Light does not require a generator, that produces loud noises or smelly gas / diesel fumes, we were able to position them right where it mattered the most, right in the middle of the event; without disrupting the event of event attendees. Promotional searchlights (aka skytracker searchlights, advertising spot lights, Hollywood lights, batman lights, or even sky spot lights) should enhance an event not detract from an event. If the searchlight rental you are considering using require a generator to operate, you will have to place them pretty far away from the event or they will detract from your event rather than enhance your event. A little trivia here; did you know that most generators used for trailer based searchlights produce as much noise as a lawn mower engine. That’s pretty loud!

Spot Light Rental Deland Florida, Deland JamA promotional searchlight; such as, the Ad-light, creates a dense searchlight light beam that can be seen for miles around. They provide event promoters with a powerful distance and location marketing tool that can be used to attract attention to their event. Moreover, searchlight light beams create an atmosphere of excitement across the entire event, in a way that no other type of promotion can provide. A good promotional searchlight, like the Ad-light, will do all of these things without detracting from the event or bothering event goers.

Searchlight rentals are not only the best way to promote a nighttime event, they are also the most affordable. The beauty of using searchlights as a promotional tool, is that your event does not have to be big to reap the benefits of their use. Any size event can benefit from this type of promotion.

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Deland Jam Event Details

    Promotional Searchlights At 2011 Deland Jam

    Promotional Searchlights At 2011 Deland Jam

  1. Organization: Counter Culture Productions And
    Main Street Deland Association
  2. Event: Deland Jam 2011
  3. Date / Time: February 25, 2011
  4. Location: Down Town Deland Florida
    100 N Woodland Blvd.
    Deland, Florida 32720
  5. Organization Website: Counter Culture Productions
    And Main Street Deland Association
  6. Facebook Page: Main Street Deland Association on FB
  7. Event Website: Daytona Winter Jam
  8. Event Venue Website: NA