Single Beam Searchlights Are Better Than Multi Beam Searchlights

I don’t want to get real technical about the differences between single beam and multi beam searchlights; like, Sky Trackers, Sky Dancers etc. What I want to focus on here are the differences that make an impact on you the consumer. The bottom line here is that with multi beam searchlights you lose flexibility and general usability.

This basically means that, with multi beam units you are not getting the best promotional punch for your dollar. Instead of using one multi-beam searchlight unit, and getting that same old tired light beam pattern, you could instead use multiple single beam units that can be configured to create truly dynamic light patterns that will capture attention and create a truly energetic atmosphere.

Skytracker Are Loud And Produce Exhaust

The most noticeable drawback to using multi beam units; like, sky trackers, and sky dancers is that the head units, the part of the searchlight that creates and projects the light beam, are confined to a 60 inch by 60 inch box. Which restricts how they can move.

Check out the video, to the right, to hear just how loud  Sky Trackers really are. Generators also create smelly, unhealthy exhaust fumes. Loud, smelly generators can have a huge negative impact on your event. So, to avoid actually disturbing your event, instead of enhancing or promoting your event, trailer bound  Sky Trackers have to be placed a good distance away from the actual event.

This means that you, the consumer, are not getting the best promotional punch for your dollar. Moreover, if you are in a large shopping complex or on a street with a good number of other businesses like restaurants, bars etc, and you use fixed, trailer mounted, multi-beam searchlights, that have to be placed away from your place of business, then you are likely spending your money to promote those businesses more so than your own business.

Single beam units like the Ad-Light do not require loud generators to operate. Most can be powered from a simple 110 volt electrical outlet. They are whisper quiet. Being quiet and not producing smelly exhaust means they can be placed where they will have the most positive impact; wherever that may be for your particular event or promotion.

Skytrackers Have An Ugly Industrial Look

Ad-light SearchlightsThe second drawback, that is immediately noticeable, to using trailer mounted multi-beam searchlights; such as, Skytrackers, Sky Dancers etc., is that these types of promotional lights are very industrial looking. They have that 1970s industrial look. Their look alone is enough to preclude putting them at the front entrance to your business. If you combine their industrial look, with how loud they are and the exhaust fumes they produce and you can start to see that they really were not designed to be fully integrated to an event promotion strategy. They will not enhance your events atmosphere. Multi-beam trailer bound searchlights really are not the best use of your promotional dollars.

We carry the best looking single beam searchlight unit on the market today. The Ad-Light housing is made from stainless steel. It is simply the best looking promotional searchlight on the market today. No need to hide it. It will enhance any event at any venue, with any theme.

Multi Beam Searchlights Are Not Flexible

Ad-Light Searchlight On Roof Of McDonalds

Besides being unsightly, loud and smelly, multi head searchlights are permanently attached to a trailer and require a generator to operate. This means they are NOT flexible in how and where they can be used. Because all multi-head searchlights are confined to a box like trailer, the movement and angle of the beams are confined to one fixed position. They have to be or the head units would bump into each other. So both the beam angle and the rotation of the beam are fixed. This means they all produce the same boring pattern.

On the other hand single beam searchlights can be placed a part from each other, the beam angles can be adjusted, and degree of rotation can be adjusted. This means multiple single beam units can be combined to create dynamic light shows that are unique to an event and much more dynamic than any one multi beam searchlight could produce.

Moreover, since they are trailer mounted and require a generator to operate they weigh 5500 plus pounds. This means, where they can be placed is severely restricted.

Good promotional lights should have the capability and capacity to be flexible enough to conform to the venue, event, they are being used to promote. Single beam lights can be used in combination together, adjusting the rotation speed, beam angle etc to produce highly dynamic light show that will attract much more attention to your event. Moreover, they can be placed on the roof top of your establishment, on scaffolding, or other elevated platform. Combined with elevation,single beam searchlights like the Ad-light can be separated over pretty wide distances 20′, 50′, 100′, or even more to create a truly dynamic look. These types of looks could never be possible with multi beam searchlights like Skytrackers.