Searchlights Promote Bar ER Bradley’s Saloon In West Palm Beach Florida

Searchlights At ER Bradleys Saloon In West Palm Beach FloridaThis past week we were out at ER Bradley’s Saloon, in West Palm Beach Florida. A restaurant by day and bar by night, they have been serving up great food and blowout night time events since 1984.

After years of providing great nighttime entertainment events, ER Bradley’s Saloon has a great reputation of being the place to be. Wanting to bring their nighttime event promotion to a new level they gave Star Cannon Searchlights a call, because we have the reputation of  providing spectacular professional service. We brought down three AD-Light searchlights and took control of the West Palm Beach night sky above this famous saloon.

Sky Spotlights Promoting ER Bradley's Restaurant

Located on the corner of South Flagler Drive and South Clematis Street, their location is a perfect example to use to highlight why single beam searchlights are much more flexible than multi-beam searchlights; you can separate the light units to creat unique dynamic patterns of light in the night sky and cover more area around the event venue.

ER Bradley’s is literally wedged between these two streets like an island. So, we setup one searchlight on each side of the building and one on the corner where the two streets meet. With the Ad-Lights positioned this way we were able to create some really dynamic light beam effects.

Although multi-beam promotional searchlights; like skytrackers and sky dancers, are convenient for the company providing the lights, they do not provide the best promotional coverage for an event. They simply are not flexible enough to provide coverage over an entire event area. All the lights in multi beam units are confined to a small box, so they cannot be strategically placed to create dynamic light beam patterns. And, because the beams are confined to one little area the light beams are locked in one repetitious boring pattern.

Promoting night time events, even at well known locations like ER Bradley’s Saloon, can be very challenging. Searchlights are the perfect tool to break through the night sky at get people’s attention and let them know something special is happening.

You can definitely use more traditional types of marketing like T.V and radio advertising or in the news paper. But, after people, see or hear the advertisement they often forget about it. Besides, just about every other bar and restaurant out there is using that same type of advertisement.

Video Of Searchlights At ER Bradley’s

Moreover, traditional advertising does nothing to actually promote your night time event, the night it occurs and at its location. So how do you connect the dots for people? How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you let people looking for something to do at night know that your bar or your restaurant is the place to be?

Searchlights connect the dots between traditional advertising and onsite night time event promotion. Searchlight light beams break through the darkness of the night sky, attracting attention to your event and marking it location. They are the only type of onsite promotion that create energy and excitement.

Event Picture Gallery

Although it rained the first day we were out at ER Bradley’s Saloon, we were still able to get a couple good pictures. Despite the rain, both the pictures and videos came out pretty good. Click on the pictures to go through the gallery.