Ad-Light Searchlights Featured On Fact Or Faked Season 2 Premiere

Its not often that a product you use gets featured on a national television show. The above video is a clip from the The season 2 premiere of the Scy Fy channel’s show Fact Or Faked The paranormal Files.

The storyline for the episode is to reenact an incident that occurred during World War II, in Los Angeles and determine if the incident could have really happened. Ad-light searchlights were brought in to simulate WWII carbon arch searchlights, since they have nearly the same luminosity (measurement of the intensity of the light) and kelvin (light color and temperature) rating.

For the purpose of showcasing Ad-Ligh the video is a bit long; running about 15 minutes. We thought editing it, but the story line would have been pretty choppy. Hopefully, you’ll have the time to watch the entire video. It really is a great overview of why we think the Ad-Light is a great promotional searchlight.

There are two things to be aware of. First, in the video they put the weight of the Ad-Light at 145 pounds. I am not exactly sure where they came up with the 145 number, but the Ad-Light searchlight only weighs 99 pounds. Second, they only show the Ad-light in static mode. So, in the video you don’t get to see the searchlights rotate.. It is fully capable of rotating 360 degrees, both clockwise and counter clockwise.

Beyond similar luminosity and kelvin rating, I think Ad-Light searchlights were used for this episode instead of a different brand, because they are the most technologically advanced portable searchlight on the market, and because they produce powerful dense beams of light without requiring large amounts of power.

Portability and flexibility are two of the most important characteristics of the Ad-Light. Because they are fully self contained and the weigh less than 100 Lbs they can be put places that many other promotional searchlights simply cannot be put. Ad-Lights are much more flexible than any other promotional searchlight on the market.

We hope you enjoy the video. It is a great showcase of the power, portability, and flexibility of Ad-light searchlights.