Searchlights At Runaway Country Space Coast Music Festival 2011

Searchlights setup for the Run Away Country Music FestivalWe were contacted by the organizers of Runaway Country Music Festival to provide promotional searchlight rental services. They wanted to light up the night sky above Wikham Park, in Melbourne Florida, the venue for the festival. They wanted to draw attention to several areas of the event as well as put a spotlight on its location and attract people to the event itself. A pretty tall order, for such a large event venue. We brought in 6 Ad-Light searchlights, to do just that.

This past Wednesday we spent the evening setting up the lights in 5 different areas across the entire park. We placed lights at each entrance, at the tiki bar and at the back lake area. This created a three quarter circle of lights around the entire event venue. This was very similar to doing several small events within a single large event. Each Ad-light was assigned to a specific place to spotlight or promote a specific  are within the venue itself; for instance, the ticketing area, or the back tiki bar, etc. But, at the same time the searchlight light beams had to be seen from outside the venue to promote the entire venue to the outside world. So, how the beams were positioned internally had an impact on how they were seen from outside the festival.

The park itself is about a half mile wide. The stations where the lights were installed were about 2000 feet apart. The Ad-Light is such a powerful promotional searchlight that it had no problem covering the entire event venue, despite the stations being so far apart. The pictures in this article show the paterns of light beams produced by the Ad-Light. These were really awesome looking patterns that were constantly changing, no one pattern was ever the same.

Six searchlight light beams passed over the entire Wikham Park event venue in dazzling unique patterns. These light beams not only let the outside world know that something big was happening but they also created an exciting atmosphere within the park as well.

Searchlights in front of Wickham Park entrance.

The biggest take away from an event like this is that there is no way that multi-beam lights like skytrackers could recreate the coverage created by the Ad-Lights. There are two reasons why I am confident in saying this. First, multiple-beam searchlights have all the light units mounted into a box on a trailer. So, they can’t be seperated to promote multiple areas of your event venue.

Second, multiple-beam searchlights, like the most commonly used configuration of the skytracker, have fixed angled beams. In order to fit the light units into one box, the angles must be fixed, otherwise they would block each other from rotating. These fixed angles mean that the light beam pattern they create is always the same. It also means that the area in the night sky that they illuminate is the same, So, basically, you are promoting one single spot of your event venue.

The Ad-Lights were perfect for the Runaway Country Music Festival. Since it is a single beam unit we were able to spread out the units across the park promoting specific areas within the festival as well as promoting the festival to the outside world.

Your event does not have to be a big music festival like Runaway Country to benefit from using promotional searchlights. If you want to promote a nighttime event then promotional searchlights are exactly what you need, no matter the size of the event.