Promotional Searchlights Spot Light Fundraiser In Umatilla Florida

7th Annual Chili Cook-off Umatilla Florida

7th Annual Chili Cook-off Umatilla Florida

We provided promotional searchlights for the Greater Lake Youth Athletic Program’s 7th Annual Chili Cook-off. This is an annual fundraiser held to benefit youth athletic programs in Lake County Florida. Through its seven year history the event has been held at several different locations. This year it was held at Cadwell Park in Umatilla, Florida. There was lots of people, lots of booths, a ton of great chili and great entertainment. An impressive number of people showed up for this fundraiser event which is for a really good cause.

This is a perfect example of how smaller localized events like this can benefit from Ad-Light searchlights. They work really well for small events like this. They punctuate the exact location of the event. They let people know that the event is important. They increase foot traffic. And, they create an energetic atmosphere.

Promotional Searchlights At Umatilla Fire Station

With smaller events, like this, the amount of space that is available, and where you want the searchlights placed, are two very important factors in determining the type of promotional lights to use. Negative factors; such as, loud generator noises, and generator exhaust fumes; like those put off by Skytrackers, can have a big impact on a smaller event.

Because of the noise and the exhaust fumes skytrackers, or similar multi-beam searchlights, have to be placed a good distance away from the event. Otherwise both the noise and exhaust fumes would have a negative impact.

Multi-beam searchlights, such as sky trackers, due to their power requirements, require a generator as a power source. This increases their weight and size significantly. Depending on the space available for the event this could have a significant impact on the event.

Searchlights like the Ad-Light do not have the same restrictions as SkyTrackers. They do not require generators and they do not produce exhaust fumes. They simply promote your event.

If you are interested in using promotional searchlights for your next fundraising event then we are the searchlight rental company for you. We have the experience and the best equipment at the best prices.