Nighttime Event At Luxury Apartments Promoted With Searchlights

Searchlights At Legacy At Crystal Lake ApartmentsThis past Friday we were out in Port Orange, Florida providing promotional searchlight rentalservices for the “Midnight Madness” event put on by the community managers for the Legacy at Crystal Lake Luxury Apartment community. The event was designed to increase awareness in Port Orange, Daytona Beach area about Legacy at Crystal Lake and to attract people looking for a fun energetic community to live in.

Our understanding is that this event will be taking place once a month through September of 2011. From what we could tell from the fliers available at the event, is that after the last “Midnight Madness” event, sometime in September, they will be holding a drawing for two fantastic prizes; you could win either free rent for a year, or a five hundred dollar furniture package. We normally wouldn’t put this type of info in our event write-ups, but the possibility of winning free rent for a year is a pretty big deal; especially at such a nice apartment community. You’ll have to contact them directly on the particulars on eligibility, rules, drawing date and what not. We have nothing to do with that type of stuff.

We provided three Ad-Light promotional searchlights for this event. They were fantastic for locating the event and increasing foot traffic to the event. There is a serious challenge in promoting a nighttime event. Most types of outdoor event promotion tactics do not work, at night, because a person’s line of sight is severely restricted at night; to ambient light around buildings, or to areas illuminated by street lights.

View of the searchlights from across lake

Promotional searchlights like the Ad-light are the perfect promotional tool for nighttime events, like this, because of the dense white / blue light beams they produce punch through the darkness; and say, “LOOK HERE, SOMETHING IMPORTANT IS HAPPENING HERE, TAKE NOTICE.”

Most good promotional searchlights are capable of rotating the beam of light 360 degrees. Most also have the capability of adjusting the angle of the beam. Adding the capability of rotating beams of light with different beam angles create powerful eye-catching patterns of light beams in the night sky, that will catch people’s attention.

This event is also a great example of why single beam searchlights are better than multiple-beam searchlights. Multi-beam searchlights require a lot of power. Therefore most require a generator to operate. Generators create a ton of noise. The decibel level these generators create has been estimated to be close to that of a lawn mower. Moreover, generators also create exhaust.

Searchlights seen from the pool deck

The bottom line is that promotional lights like skytrackers, cannot be placed in the most optimum location for promotion. Because of the noise and exhaust fumes they produce, they have to be placed away and off to the side of the event. So, essentially, they don’t promote your event but the spot they have been placed.

In stark contrast, the Ad-Light produces almost no sound. Checkout the first video on the right side of the page. Turn up the volume and you can hear crickets and frogs in the back ground, that’s how quiet they are. The Ad-Light was designed for more than just producing light beams. It was designed to produce fantastic light beams without producing anything that could detract from your event or disturb event attendees.

On a final note, the promotional event for Legacy at Crystal Lake was a great event. A good bit of foot traffic was drawn to the event. With the food, drinks and entertainment, everyone seemed to have a great time.

Oh ya, and don’t forget, if your in the Port Orange area stop by and check out them them out. You never know you may be the one that wins the free years rent.

We had a really great time at this event. Every one there was really great. We look forward to providing searchlight rental services for them in the future.