Ad-light Searchlights Demoed At Mall In Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Demo Of Searchlights Downtown At The Gardens MallWe were invited down to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to do a demo of the Ad-Light searchlights. We love doing demos. Demos are always a great opportunity to showcase the Ad-Light and to get great pictures and video of the searchlights themselves. We did the demo at the “Downtown At The Gardens” mall.

Because this is a really big mall, and they wanted both a broad coverage over the mall itself as well as specific areas of the mall that they wanted to attract visitors to, this was a really unique opportunity to show off most of the capabilities of the Ad-Light searchlights at one event venue.

Covering a large area like this is nothing new. We do this all the time at festivals and concerts. Our most recent music festival event was when we provided promotional searchlights at Runaway Country Space Coast Music Festival in Melbourne Florida. At Runaway Country the stations where the searchlights were installed were separated by 2000 plus feet. Nearly a half mile distance between each station.

Searchlight Light Beams Over Mall

The goal, at Runaway Country, was both to have searchlights covering both the festival area itself and to draw festival goers back to the vendor areas and a second stage area they had setup for late night events. Despite the distance between them, the Ad-Lights have more than enough power to cover most areas but also draw attention to their individual station areas.

For this demo, the goal was very similar, cover the mall area to attract visitors and let them know a special event was occurring; and once the visitors were on property, to attract them to specific areas of the mall. What made this demo unique was that we were able to place the Ad-lights on the buildings themselves. Normally, at concerts and festivals there aren’t any structures we can use to raise the light units off the ground. Being able to raise the lights off the ground reduces the impact of ambient light at ground level.

The light beam produced by the Ad-Light can be easily seen from 3, 5, 6 miles away. Well outside the all important 3 mile radius around an event venue. Under the right circumstances the light beams can be seem up to 15 miles away. So, under the right circumstances the Adlight can attract people from as far away as 15 miles . That’s massive potential nighttime event promotion.

Searchlight Lights Beams Hitting Clouds

Once the visitor is onsite at the venue they can still see the light beams. However, their perspective changes once the arrive at the event venue. Since they are closer, they are able to see the individual station areas where the searchlights are and are attracted to those areas.

In this way single beam searchlights are capable of attracting event goers from a good distance away from the event venue itself; as-well-as guide event goers where, you the event promoter, want them to go within the event itself.

All promotional searchlights, are capable of both attracting people to an event and to specific areas within an event. However, some simply do it better than others. We almost exclusively use the Ad-Light. We think it is the best promotional searchlight on the market.

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