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NBA Fianls 2009Orlando Searchlight Rental – This was a huge event. There were nearly a dozen sky tracker searchlights on site promoting the 2009 NBA playoff games between the Orlando Magic and the LA Lakers at the Amway Arena in Orlando Florida. Unfortunately we seem to have misplaced the pictures we took showing all the searchlights used to promote the event.

The video at the bottom of the page highlights a special request. They wanted to spotlight the finals banner on the front of the arena with gold colored light. It was a huge banner and required three of the ad-light searchlights to get it done. But, we got it done and the effect was awesome.

This is a perfect event to showcase the diversity and flexibility that promotional searchlights have. These types of searchlights can be used for attracting customers, due to the bright beam and the movement of the light from a distance. They can be used to create an atmosphere of excitement. And, they can also be used as powerful promotional spotlights used to highlight large promotional items. In this case the NBA finals banner. They can also be used to highlight entire building to make them stand out for special occasions. These effects are possible for both large events and small events, not just large sporting events.

Amway Arena Orlando Florida

Renting a searchlight (aka sky tracker, promotional spotlight, batman light, hollywood light) is one of the best ways to promote a nighttime event. This type of nighttime promotion goes well beyond light beams pointed towards the sky. Using colored beams and movement you can create great effects. They create a great energetic atmosphere. They create an attraction factor that is unmatched by any other type of nighttime promotion. All of these combine to create a great positive, and lasting, impression on your customers.

This was a really great event. It was a lot of work but we had a really good time. This was a great opportunity to have been involved in a really special sporting event.

If you are looking for a searchlight rental company to help your next nighttime event, then we are the company for you. We have the experience and the inventory of promotional searchlights to help make your event a success.

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Event Details

    Searchlights Used At The 2009 NBA Playoffs

    Searchlights Used At The 2009 NBA Playoffs

  1. Organization: National Basketball Association
  2. Event: 2009 NBA Finals
  3. Date / Time: June 9 and June 11 2009
  4. Location: Amway Center
    400 W. Church St.
    Orlando, Florida 32801
  5. Organization Website: National Basketball Association
  6. Facebook Page: NBA On Face Book
  7. Event Website: 2009 NBA Playoffs
  8. Event Venue Website: Amway Center