Daytona Searchlight Rental For Two Venues At Daytona Winter Jam

Daytona Winter Jam Festival 2011Daytona Searchlight Rental – Normally, when we write-up promotional searchlight events we do so after the event occurs. But, on both Feb 25th and Feb 26th, 2011 we will be promoting two great events that we are pretty evcited about. We have been brought in by Counter Culture Productions to help promote two venues of their up coming Daytona Winter Jam Festival. We will be doing nighttime event promotion at both the “Deland Jam” and the “Models & Bottles” venues.

The Deland Jam is a street party in Downtown Deland, Florida. There will be Music, VWs and food. A large number of the businesses in the Downtown Deland area will be participating. The Deland Jam Street Party actually occurs the day before the main event. In some respects this is a warm up, preview, of the events taking place at the full Daytona Winter Jam Festival being held at City Island, Daytona Beach.

Nighttime event promotion for events such as street parties is, in some respects, a more traditional use of searchlight advertising. Searchlights, back before it was easy to get exact directions to locations, were first used to promote the location of carnivals and fairs. But, the searchlights used for these types of events were simply giant powerful spotlights placed in a field next to the event and really did not ad to the event itself.

Promotional Serchlight Light BeamsToday, promotional searchlights (aka skytracker searchlights, advertising spotlights, Hollywood lights, batman lights, or even sky spotlights), although smaller, still produce a fantastic, dense, searchlight light, that can be seen for miles around. However, they are now more compact, technologically advanced and simply better looking. This means they can be used right in the heart of the event. Right where they will have the most promotional impact. Promotional lights like the Ad-light can do this without being a distraction from your event or bothering event goers.

Moreover, sky spotlights; such as, the Ad-light searchlight, add an atmosphere of excitement to the entire event. Promoters gain both distance, location, marketing to the event and get the added benefit of creating an atmosphere of excitement and importance.

The second event venue we will be providing nighttime promotion for is “Models & Bottles.” This is VIP event being held at Martinis Chop House, a restaurant in South Daytona. It is described as being “a truly VIP VW experience.” It will include, as the name mentions models, full liquor, food and a VIP section.

Searchlight Rental Promoting NightclubEssentially, the way the searchlights will be used to promote this event is similar to promoting a restaurant opening or a night club. Positioning of the spotlights will be where they can both promote the event itself as well as the most important aspect of the event. Obviously, what will be considered the most important aspect, to focus the promotion on, will be up to the event promoter.

Both these events sound like a lot of fun we are really looking forward to them. They are perfect examples for highlighting how searchlight rentals can really add a powerful promotional tool to promote your nighttime event. Once the events are complete we’ll update the site with more detailed information, few pictures of the searchlights in action and if all goes well a few good videos.

Remember your event does not have to be a big event, like the Daytona Winter Jam Festival, to benefit from promotional searchlights. Searchlight rentals are the most affordable way to promote a nighttime event. Dollar for dollar they produce a more positive promotional effect and make a longer lasting impression on your customers than any other type of nighttime event promotion.

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Event Details

    Promotional Searchlights At 2011 Deland Jam

    Promotional Searchlights At 2011 Deland Jam

  1. Organization: Counter Culture Productions
  2. Event: Deland Jam And Bottles & Models Venues of the Daytona Winter Jam Festival
  3. Date / Time: February 25 & 26, 2011
  4. Location 1: Deland Jam
    100 N Woodland Blvd.
    Deland, Florida 32720
  5. Location 2: Bottles & Models
    1815 S. Ridgewood Ave, S. Daytona, FL
    South Daytona, Florida 32119
  6. Organization Website: Counter Culture Productions
  7. Event on FB: Winter Jam On FB
  8. Event Website: Daytona Winter Jam Festival
  9. Event Venue Website: NA