Searchlights Promote Bar ER Bradley’s Saloon In West Palm Beach Florida

Promotional Searchlights At ER Bradley's Saloon

We had a blast out at ER Bradley’s Saloon in West Palm Beach Florida. This is the perfect place to show case the power and flexibility of the AD-Light searchlight. Open nearly 24 hours a day, ER Bradley’s is a restaurant by day and a bar by night. We were brought out to put an exclamation point on the promotional efforts for their night time events. We brought out three searchlights and dominated the night sky over this well known night spot, attracting attention and drawing a crowd from miles around.

7 Reasons To Use Searchlights To Promote A Nighttime Event

Searchlight Rental For Downtown At The Gardens Mall

Searchlights are the best way to promote any type of nighttime event. Good searchlights, aka sky spotlights, sky beams, and skytrackers, produce 6 mile long beams of light that capture attention for miles around. Promotional searchlights are specifically designed to be the perfect compliment to more traditional types of event promotion.

Ad-Light Searchlights Featured On Fact Or Faked Season 2 Premiere

Searchlight Lights Beams In Desert

Ad-Light searchlights were recently used on the season two premiere of the Scy Fy channel’s show Fact or Faked The Paranormal Files. It is not often that a product you use is showcased on a national TV show. The Ad-Light played a prominent role in the show. We were able to get our hands on a video clip covering the entire segment of the show that used the Ad-Light searchlights. The video is a bit long. But, it is well worth watching.

Ad-light Searchlights Demoed At Mall In Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Searchlight Rental For Downtown At The Gardens Mall

This past Sunday we had a great opportunity, in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, to show off capabilities of the Ad-Light Promotional searchlights. Although this was a demo and an event it is a perfect example of how powerful a nighttime event marketing tool advertising searchlights can be. Whether you call them sky spotlights, skytrackers, Hollywood lights, Batman lights, sky beams if used right you can own the night sky around your event. Whether or not your nighttime event is large or small it will benefit from searchlight marketing. You will attract a crowd and create a great energetic environement.

Searchlights At Runaway Country Space Coast Music Festival 2011

Promotional Searchlights Runaway Country 2011

The 2011 Runaway Country Space Coast Music Festival opened its doors on April 15. We pre-setup six Ad-Light promotional searchlights for the event. Basically, we were there to setup and position the searchlights to make sure that they would spotlight the areas the promoters wanted and to position the searchlights for maximum exposure over the event itself and outside of the event. We were able to get a few really awesome pictures showing the power of the Ad-Light promotional searchlight and how flexible and dynamic they are.