Ad-light Searchlights Demoed At Mall In Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Searchlight Rental For Downtown At The Gardens Mall

This past Sunday we had a great opportunity, in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, to show off capabilities of the Ad-Light Promotional searchlights. Although this was a demo and an event it is a perfect example of how powerful a nighttime event marketing tool advertising searchlights can be. Whether you call them sky spotlights, skytrackers, Hollywood lights, Batman lights, sky beams if used right you can own the night sky around your event. Whether or not your nighttime event is large or small it will benefit from searchlight marketing. You will attract a crowd and create a great energetic environement.

Searchlights At Runaway Country Space Coast Music Festival 2011

Promotional Searchlights Runaway Country 2011

The 2011 Runaway Country Space Coast Music Festival opened its doors on April 15. We pre-setup six Ad-Light promotional searchlights for the event. Basically, we were there to setup and position the searchlights to make sure that they would spotlight the areas the promoters wanted and to position the searchlights for maximum exposure over the event itself and outside of the event. We were able to get a few really awesome pictures showing the power of the Ad-Light promotional searchlight and how flexible and dynamic they are.

Nighttime Event At Luxury Apartments Promoted With Searchlights

Lake View of Promotional Searchlights Rental For Apartment Complex

Promotional searchlights will get your event noticed. We provided searchlight rentalservices to Legacy at Crystal Lake Luxury Apartments for their “Midnight Madness” event. The event seemed to be a great success attracting a lot of attention. They had food, drinks and a live DJ to feed and entertain all the people that showed up. This is event is a good example of how promotional searchlightsare a fantastic marketing tool. The Ad-Light promotional searchlight was a perfect fit for this type of event. It provided distance and attraction marketing increasing foot traffic to the event.

Promotional Searchlights Spot Light Fundraiser In Umatilla Florida

Promotional Searchlights For Chili Cook-off

The 7th annual Chili Cook-off and fundraiser for the Greater Lake Youth Athletic Program was held in Cadwell Park in Umatilla Florida. This was a really fun event attended by lots of really great people. We provided two Ad-Light promotional searchlights for the event. This is a really great example of how smaller events can benefit from using promotional searchlight rental as an end point of a nighttime event marketing strategy. It is also a great example of how flexible the Ad-light promotional searchlight is in terms of the size and types of event venues it can be used at.