Single Beam Searchlights Are Better Than Multi Beam Searchlights

Ad-light Promotional Searchlights

I don’t want to get real technical about the differences between single beam and multi beam searchlights; like, Sky Trackers, Sky Dancers etc. What I want to focus on here are the differences that make an impact on you the consumer. The bottom line here is that with multi beam searchlights you lose flexibility and [...]

Promotional Searchlights Draw Attention To Event At Martini’s Chophouse

Promotional Searchlights At Martinis Chophouse Restaurant

Models & Bottles was held at Martini’s Chophouse. It was the second venue of the Daytona Winter Jam Festival that we provided promotional searchlights rental services for. Martini’s Chophouse is located in Daytona Beach Florida. It is a really great example of how searchlight rentals can be a great marketing tool for promoting a nighttime event as well as restaurants. This event also highlights the flexibility of the Ad-light searchlight and why usnig multiple single head searchlights to promote an event is better than using one multi head unit.

Deland Searchlight Rentals Spot Light Deland Jam Street Party 2011

Searchlight Rental 2011 Deland Jam, Deland Florida

The Deland Jam street party was a lot of fun. We are glad we had the opportunity to provide promotional searchlights for this event. There was a really great turnout. This type of an event is a fantastic example of how good searchlights can really add a lot of marketing value. In this case promotional searchlights serve multiple functions. They provide location marketing, attraction marketing, and to the atmosphere of excitement. Promotional searchlights compliment any more traditional marketing that may have been implemented leading up to the event.