Daytona Searchlight Rental For Two Venues At Daytona Winter Jam

Daytona Winter Jam Festival 2011

We are happy to announce that we will be providing promotional searchlights for two of the night time venues at the upcoming fifth annual Daytona Winter Jam Festival. This is our first time providing promotional services for this festival. We will be providing promotional searchlight rentals services at the Deland Jam, being held in Downtown Deland, and the Models & Bottles event being held in South Daytona. Both of these events are great examples of the flexibility of searchlight marketing. Both, events will have both attention attraction components as well as, specific aspects to be spotlighted. This is more of a pre-announcement, something we don’t normally do, so there is not much event specific information. However, we will be following up with details about the event, highlighting how the searchlights helped promote and add to the event. If you are looking for great prices for searchlight rentals in Daytona, then we are the company for you.

Promotional Searchlights Draw Attention To St Joseph’s Annual Carnival

St Joseph Catholic Church Carnival

Carnivals, fairs and promotional searchlights are a match made in heaven. Carnivals and fairs already have an energetic, magnetic atmosphere. Adding promotional searchlights brings the event to an entirely new level. Foot traffic is very important for this type of event. So, having a searchlight that is powerful enough to be seen from several miles away is very important. When considering a searchlight rental for a nighttime event like these you should remember they have a lot of ground level light. So you need to rent a searchlight that us strong enough to punch through the surrounding light. If you are thinking about adding nighttime event promotion to your marketing strategy give us a call.

Orlando Searchlight Rental – NBA Playoffs – Amway Arena

NBA Fianls 2009

In 2009 we had a fantstic opportunity to provide promotional searchlights for the Playoff games between the Orlando magic and the LA Lakers. This is only one of several sporting events that we have done. But, this was a massive sporting event, with nearly a dozen searchlights used for promotion. One of the special effects we were asked to produce was to highlight the “Finals” banner on the front of the Arena in Gold light to make it standout from the rest of the event. Just about every aspect of promotional lighting was used during this event. It is a really good example of how diverse a promotional tool these lights really can be. If you are looking to promote a night time event in the Orlando area contact us we are the searchlight rental company for you.

Promotional Searchlights Spotlight LFL Playoffs In Jacksonville Florida

Ad-light Searchlight Rental Jacksonville Florida

We were hired to provide promotional searchlight rental services to the Lingerie Football League (LFL) at their conference playoff game in Jacksonville Florida at the Veterans Memorial Arena. We have done a number of sporting event promotions in the past. This was a really fun event. The Ad-light was perfect for this event. The promoters wanted to provide atmosphere and excitement at the entrance to the arena; as-well-as distance promotion. Since the Ad-light does not require a generator, it is not loud not does it put off fumes, so, we were able to provide both types of promotions without disturbing the event or event attendees. If you are looking to rent a searchlight in Jacksonville we are the company for you.

Promotional Spotlights Help Promote Sig Ep Rush Event At USF

Promotional Spotlights At Sig Ep Fraternity House

Had the opportunity to bring out the Ad-light promotional searchlights to help Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at the University of South Florida promote a recruiting event during Rush Week. We used two Ad-light searchlights to highlight their event. We had a great time while we were there are were able to catch a bit of the event on video. This event is a perfect example of how spotlights can help promote, even small events. Watching the attached video you can see / hear another great aspect of the Ad-light; its quiet. We were able to place them just a few short feet from the DJ table. Using any other type of searchlight this would have been impossible. Whether you are looking to promote a small or large event we are the Tampa searchlight rental company for you.